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Hello, I’m Jason Yavorska and I’m the founding PM (and acting CEO) for Synura! On this page you can learn about my work style so we can work together well.

How and when to get my help

I’m here to build a great team and help us all be as effective as possible. This Twitter thread summarizes how I think about this very nicely and I’d encourage you to read it if you report to me. A few other things I can help with:

  • What I’ll spend much of my time on is connecting dots, alignment, making sure we collaborate efficiently, and otherwise building/hiring a great group of people.
  • I can jump in and help if you’re feeling overloaded - I just need you to ask (I most likely won’t show up to help uninvited).
  • I tend to be good at unblocking, helping break down problems into iterations, and generally helping move things forward.

In general, when working with me I always appreciate direct feedback so don’t worry about upsetting me, and feel free to share bad news early. I’m also more likely to be optimistic than not, with a plan that we’ll figure out what we need to when we need to, so feel free to bring me back to reality. Finally, I tend to debate different perspectives to solve problems, including playing “Devil’s Advocate”. If that puts you off that’s fine—just tell me and we’ll use another approach.


These are some of my favorite product principles.

  • I love thinking about technology, processes, personalities, and efficiency, but what drives me is what Marc Andreessen described as the one thing that matters: the journey of finding and growing product market fit.
  • I like to follow the reasonable person principle.
  • I have learned that working on things iteratively tends to get the best results.
  • Talking to customers in a way where they tell you the truth about what they are willing to pay for is a subtle skill. This video and book can help you learn to do that better.
  • Organizations are like slime molds; this ties into this Twitter thread also linked above on why alignment is so important.

Management Style

My default approach to management is:

  • Non-hierarchical: the best way to solve a conflict is by getting the people together who have the problem, rather than finding a common manager of them and having them make a decision. One exception is conflicts of prioritization between teams, which I can help with.
  • Servant leadership: I avoid making promises on your behalf, and allow you to speak for yourself in your area. My role as your coach is to help you improve your leadership, decision-making, and role-based skills, and to be someone to bounce ideas off.
  • Team-oriented: My main job is to create a great team, with great leaders, who make great decisions and excel at their jobs. It’s not for me to build a team of “assistants” who enable me to be able to know and do everything. That doesn’t scale, is demotivating, and creates a single point of failure for the company. Remember that I don’t expect perfection out of anyone, and I can help you learn to do this well.
  • No ego: I won’t defend a point to win an argument or double down on a mistake. Honest, direct feedback is always welcome and is always available. It’s also simply not possible to “step on my toes” at work: you can always come to me with your thoughts and opinions and we’ll work together, without blame or defensiveness, to handle them as best we can.

Personal Style

My Enneagram type is The Enthusiast, and my StrengthsFinder types are Strategic, Relator, [Adaptability, Maximizer, and Futuristic. For the Insights personality test, I’m a “Creative Directing Motivator”. I tend to have a creative and intuitive way of working, which works well with iteration. It also means that I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and passion for the problems I am working on and that I excel in unstructured, fast-moving environments. I’m motivated by being appreciated and working on innovative solutions. A sample motto for an expressive manager like me might be “I lean on the power of my vision, and trust in my persuasive power.”

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