A shared set of values is important for how a company conducts itself, and we're no different. Learn about the values that set us apart here.



By keeping our “build & learn” loop tight, we can consistently deliver results (customer value) and adapt to how our users respond to our improvements. Through building iteratively we avoid making things more complex than they need to be. We also create the opportunity for people to give feedback before things are done, which is an important way we make sure everyone’s diverse viewpoints are included. Small steps forward, consistently made, is how we grow.

Our emoji animal for this value is the ant, where through the small, coordinated efforts of many contributors, they are able to achieve outsized results.



We respect and listen to each other’s and our users’ viewpoints, and have “short toes” for feedback. We truly believe that every perspective brought to a conversation is a valuable addition. Clear written communication is the cornerstone of how we give updates since this allows for deeper async thought and reflection. We are also transparent publicly - feedback from our users on our iterations is the best way to be sure we’re on the right track. One of the ways we live this value is by sharing videos of us working on Twitch and YouTube. Check our team page for links to individual streaming channels.

Our emoji animal for this value is the dog because they are open, humble, and sincere.



None of us can do it alone: we won’t be successful without everyone’s (including our users’) contributions, so we must be good at observing and listening to each other. We seek to include differing opinions from as many different kinds of people as we can because their points of view enrich the ones we’re already familiar with. Doing so requires trust and mutual respect, assumption of positive intent, and it means engaging with each other with sincere curiosity and a desire to understand and help. Being connected in this way helps us have the important, fun, and even sometimes difficult conversations that are needed to build something that will help people.

Our emoji animal for this value is the otter, which is known for its curious, friendly, and playful nature.



Building a startup is a journey of learning and trying things, not all of which will be successful - it is an environment with a lot of uncertainty and change, and is more a marathon than a sprint. We embrace this uncertainty by being “not merely determined, but flexible as well”, and excelling at “adapting our plans on the fly.” (see Relentlessly Resourceful link below.) We also adapt to challenges by having a diverse team - individually, different people are strong in different contexts and situations, but together we cover for each other and make us all stronger.

Our emoji animal for this value is the badger since they are known for being tough and determined, and not backing down from a challenge.

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