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About us

At Synura we’re passionate about video. We help companies collaborate on streamed and recorded content by orchestrating activities like script writing, asset management, transcription, approvals, publishing, and more. Check out our home page and handbook (which includes our values and company direction) for more info.

We build with open source in mind from the start, and integrate with Open Broadcaster Software®️ (OBS). We also support them as diamond-tier sponsors through OpenCollective and OBS is our premier integration for streaming and recording video. Our seed investor is Open Core Ventures, who are big believers in the power of an open-source base for all software.

The team

Creating with video is built into our DNA. Check our profiles for our individual streaming channels where you can collaborate with us in real time while we work, or take a look at the company YouTube channel to see what we’ve been up to.


Photo of Jason Yavorska

Jason grew up in a broadcasting family, spending lots of time at local stations and with people in the industry. He studied radio in school, and later worked in video games. Helping people realize their creative visions has been a lifelong passion of his. 🇳🇱

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