Investors & fundraising

This page describes how we work with our investors, as well as links to information that our investors might find useful.

Company direction

Our public mission and business overview can be found on our direction page.

Pitch deck

We maintain a version of the company direction summarized into a pitch deck (internal only).

Monthly investor update

Each month we send an update to our investors, as soon as the last iteration of the month is complete. The list of recipients is kept in Mailchimp and it includes both active as well as potential investors. Potential investors are added at any time, but any who choose not to join our next round will be removed at that point.

The investor update contains a financial health summary, special thanks and asks, highlights and lowlights, and expectations for the next month. It also contains metrics summarizing the last two completed iterations

Biweekly team and investor Call

We have recurring biweekly calls for the entire team to meet with our investors and discuss different objectives for the business.

Here are the “norms” for the call:

  • Before the call, please add a discussion topic or update to the meeting agenda. Prefix the question with your name.
  • In the call, we will go through them in order, giving each person the chance to voice their updates.
  • Note that this call is sometimes joined by GitLab’s “CEO Shadows” – please see more about this program here:
  • The call is also sometimes streamed on Twitch, as long as there is nothing confidential in the agenda.

Product demo

The latest demo (and other relevant videos) can be found on our YouTube channel.

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