Our financial management procedures and policies, including how we track assets, spend and track money, deal with invoices, and so on.

If you are a freelancer you may be working as a vendor or contractor. If unsure, you can check with your contact at Synura to confirm.

Getting paid as a vendor

  1. All invoices are required to submit to
  2. Please DO NOT submit invoices and/or payment instructions via GitLab/Notion, etc.
  3. Do not add them directly to or other systems.
  4. Vendors are required to submit their invoices within 7 days after the services are rendered or the goods are delivered. Timely submission of your invoices will enable Accounting to record the expenses in the right financial period.

Important tax form requirements

  1. For US-based vendors, vendors are required to provide a completed W-9 Form to before or at the time when they submit their 1st invoice.
  2. For Non-US vendors, vendors are required to provide a completed W-8BEN-E Form before or at the time they submit their 1st invoice to Here are the instructions for Form W-8BEN-E Form.
  3. Important: Accounting cannot process a payment without these Tax Forms

Getting paid as a contractor

If you are a monthly wage contractor your payment will be automatically scheduled at the end of the month, similar to a full-time direct employee, and there’s nothing special you need to do. If you are an hourly/daily wage contractor you will need to submit your days/hours worked into our non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) each month. You can check to see your wage type (hourly, daily, or monthly) in the compensation section of your non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) profile if you are unsure.

The basic timeline for invoicing and payments for monthly/daily contractors is as follows:

  1. The contractor submits days or hours worked via Invoice in our non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) on the last day of the month. If you would prefer to be paid bi-monthly you can submit an additional invoice on the 15th of each month as well.
  2. CEO approves on the next business day.
  3. Accounting submits payment on the same day as approval.
  4. Payment arrives to the contractor about 5 business days later.

For new hires who joined on or before the 22nd of a given month, Accounting will try to include the new hire in the monthly payment schedule. If a new hire joined after the 22nd of a given month, Accounting may need to run an off-cycle payment for the new hire. Accounting will notify the new hire when the payment will arrive in the situation of an off-cycle payment.

If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your payment, please contact

Getting paid as an employee

  1. Payroll for US-based full-time employees is managed via our US payroll system (internal only).
  2. Synura runs a semi-monthly payroll schedule.
  3. US Employees will complete the onboarding process through our US payroll system (internal only) and set up direct deposits for their payroll payments.

Internal procedures

Fixed assets tracking

  1. Fixed assets such as office furniture, computer equipment, and laptops are purchased for long-term use. They usually have a useful life of more than one year. Synura tracks its fixed assets with a unit price of over USD 500 via this document (internal only).
  2. The purchaser of the assets is required to open this file to fill out the information (as indicated in the file), such as the date of purchase, the purchaser’s name, the value of the asset, etc.
  3. Any team members who received the company-purchased laptops or computer equipment are required to open this file and fill out the asset description, model #, and serial #.
  4. Please make sure the information of the Fixed Asset Tracking file is completed within 7 business days of the purchase date when the asset is initially purchased.
  5. If a transition happens from existing computer equipment to another team member, the recipient of the computer equipment is required to acknowledge the receipt of the computer equipment within 7 business days. Please open the Fixed Asset Tracking file and fill out the required information (as indicated in the file), such as the description of the asset transition, date of transition, old owner, new owner, etc.

Returning assets

See the offboarding guide on company assets for how to return fixed assets at the end of employment.

Purchasing company assets that are no longer used for business

If an employee is interested in buying a company asset that is no longer used for business, the CEO will review case by case, with consideration to whether an asset can be used again, value to the company, and define a fair market value for sale. CEO should notify Accounting immediately if a decision is made to allow an employee to purchase the company’s assets, so Accounting can make sure this is recorded properly.

New contractor setup

Please refer to the Expense Reports and Non-US payroll sections below for more details.

Be sure also to complete the other non-financial onboarding steps.

Freelancers are functionally equivalent to contractors, so should follow the same process for getting set up to be paid. This includes submitting a new contractor form.

Non-US payroll

Synura has a non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) to process payments for non-US team members.

When a team member completes the onboarding process, the direct manager of the new hire should notify Accounting immediately via sending an email to with the information below:

  • Full name of the new hire
  • Official start date
  • Annual or monthly compensation in USD$

With the new hire’s information, Accounting will help to pre-generate the monthly invoices for the next 12 months on behalf of the new hire, if they are paid via a monthly rate. If there are any exceptions on this, please notify Accounting by sending an email to

  1. For contracted non-US team members, a completed W-8BEN Form is collected during the non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) onboarding process.
  2. Payments related to the contracted services are usually processed in our non-US payroll and expense system (internal only) monthly.
  3. Expense reimbursement reports from the non-US team members are required to submit in our non-US payroll and expense system (internal only).

Invoice processing

Invoice receiving, approval, and payment are only relevant for US contractors and vendors. All non-US-based contractors should use our non-US payroll and expense system (internal only).

Invoice receiving

Invoice receiving is handled by the accounting team.

  1. Process invoices received in in our billing system (internal only) and route the invoices for approval in our billing system (internal only) according to the Invoice Approval Hierarchy.
  2. The AP accountant will reply to and the vendor to acknowledge that the invoice has been processed in our billing system (internal only). The turnaround time is usually 1-2 business days from the day the invoice is submitted to Accounting and the acknowledgment.
  3. AP Accountant needs to make sure to use the contractor’s contact email to send out the e-invite (do not use the contractor’s Synura email). This will help us to make sure the applicable contractors can receive their tax forms even if they are no longer working with Synura
  4. For US vendors, upload a copy of the W-9 in our billing system (internal only) under the Document section
  5. For non-US vendors, upload a copy of the W-8BEN Form in our billing system (internal only) under the Document section

Invoice approvals

  1. All invoices that require Accounting to make a payment are required to be processed in our billing system (internal only).
  2. Approvals of invoices are completed in our billing system (internal only).
  3. Accounting will route the invoices according to the following approval hierarchy
  4. In general, invoices up to $5000 can either be approved by CTO or CEO.
  5. Invoices over $5000 require CEO approval
  6. Project Related Invoice Approval. For Project-related invoices, ONLY the Head of Engineering team approves the bill in our billing system (internal only). The CTO and the CEO can approve the payment in our banking system (internal only) for wires.
  7. The Head of Engineering and Accounting can review and validate the spending according to the Project budget periodically. However, all Project-related bills will need the Head of Engineering to approve in our billing system (internal only) to enable proper internal control.

Invoice payments

Billing system payments
  1. Once an invoice is approved, payment is usually processed based on Net 30 payment terms unless otherwise specified in an agreement or invoice
  2. Our billing system (internal only) e-payment is recommended to pay all vendors
  3. To establish e-payment in our billing system (internal only), Accounting will send an e-invite to an email that is provided by the vendor. The vendor accepts the invite and provides their bank information within our billing system (internal only). The payment will be scheduled to deposit into the vendor’s account according to the payment terms. E-payment will usually arrive in the recipient’s account within 2-4 business days.

Exception: For some non-US vendors who may have difficulties setting up an e-payment in our billing system (internal only), a wire payment will be processed.

Wire payments

All wires from our banking system (internal only) are initiated by Accounting and approved by Synura authorized signer(s) per the authorization that is set up with the bank.

Wire requestor’s responsibilities:

  1. Make sure the vendor provides all the required information as outlined below before requesting a wire payment.
  2. For a new vendor’s 1st payment, please send an email to with invoices, wire instructions, Form W-8BEN-E (if non-US vendors), or Form W-9 (US vendors). For the 2nd payment and onward, sending an invoice only is okay unless the vendor requests any changes, such as bank changes.
  3. Make sure the vendor provides a formal invoice. (A quotation and/or a Pro Forma Invoice cannot be accepted to issue a payment). Exceptions should be discussed with the CTO or CEO and Accounting.
  4. For non-US vendors, make sure the invoices indicate the proper currency Wire payment is used to pay any vendors who cannot get paid via our billing system (internal only) or provide funds to non-US team members for business expenses. To request a wire payment, please send an email request to along with:
  5. The invoice to be paid
  6. Vendor’s wire instructions - see below-requested information about wire instructions
  7. If a foreign currency wire payment is required, please indicate which currency
  8. If a wire payment needs to arrive by a certain date, please be very specific about it so Accounting can plan accordingly
  9. A brief description of the Purpose of Payment (per bank requirement for international wires)
  10. Bank Fees If any bank fees that Synura should be covering to ensure the recipient can receive the full payment, please notify Accounting about how much bank fees to add to the wire total as the fees can vary vendor by vendor. For example, some Zambia vendors don’t need Synura to include any bank transfer charges, some of them do. Given each vendor’s situation is different, Accounting requests vendors to provide how much bank fee to include and in what currency with the 1st payment request. For future recurring payments, Accounting can include the same amount of bank fees without asking again unless new changes are provided by the vendor and the amount of change is justified by Accounting.

Typically, a wire instruction needs to include:

  1. Recipient’s name
  2. Recipient’s address
  3. Recipient’s bank name
  4. Recipient’s bank address
  5. Recipient’s bank account
  6. Recipient’s bank ABA Routing Numbers (if domestic wire within the United States)
  7. Recipient’s IBAN, BIC, or SWIFT Code (if international bank outside of United States)

Sometimes the bank may require to provide additional information, Accounting will reach out to the wire requestor if such a request arises.

  1. Wire payment is usually quicker, but for international wire payments, it still takes a few business days to clear. We suggest you submit the wire request at least 7 business days before the payment due date to allow accounting to get the wire initiated and approved.
  2. If the wire payment is urgent, please flag “URGENT Payment Request” in the subject line when you send the wire request to Please don’t submit a payment request via a Gitlab ticket as it can easily be buried in the thread.
  3. If the wire payment is recurring, please send the invoice that needs to be paid to Accounting and indicates this is a recurring payment with no wire instruction change. Please be specific if the wire needs to arrive by a certain date so Accounting can plan the wire accordingly.

Once a wire payment is initiated and approved, the controller will send a proof of payment to the wire requestor on the following business day or when such a document becomes available in our banking system (internal only). When the controller is not available, such as on vacation, will provide such proof of payment.

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