Benefits overview

This page contains general information about our benefits, including a summary and links to other pages with more details. Note that some benefits may only apply to full-time salaried employees - if you have any questions, you can always ask your manager.

See also our separate page with information on holidays & PTO.

Benefits for everyone

All full-time team members receive the following:

Benefits for contract employees

Contract employees only receive the above benefits for everyone. For employees who choose to work with us on a contract basis, we are limited in the number of benefits we can provide to avoid stepping over the line into artificial full-time employment.

The only additional option you have, compared with “benefits for everyone”, is that you can also choose to be paid in USD, rather than only in your local currency. We are also able to set up a sooner start date for contract employees (direct employee hire setup takes 3-4 weeks.)

Why would you choose contract employment? Ultimately, this is a personal decision. Some people already have business entities set up for contracting and prefer to work through their business for a variety of reasons. Synura has no preference and can facilitate whichever option you like.

Benefits for direct employees

In addition to the above benefits for everyone, direct (non-contract) employees receive the following.

  • Twenty paid time off days per year to be used in any way you like.
  • Synura encourages team members to invest in their personal growth. Teammates may spend up to $600 per year on other courses or professional certifications, so long as they are discussed with their manager in advance, they have the time available while fulfilling their work responsibilities, and it is relevant to their Synura responsibilities.
  • Company-paid end-of-year celebration.
  • The winter holiday week off](../holidays_pto/#holidays) is paid and doesn’t count as additional PTO.
  • Access to coworking space, if desired
  • US-based team members receive:
    • Synura covers 100% for team members and 66% for dependents of a Health Plan Premium’s monthly costs.
    • You can arrange reimbursement for:
      • Your internet bill
      • Your cell phone bill
      • Any other recurring expenses that are aligned with our policies.
  • Non-US team members receive:
    • A monthly stipend of USD 300 to cover:
      • A premium healthcare plan
      • Internet fees
      • Cell phone bill
      • Bank fee deductions from your paycheck

Stipend for non-US teammates

The stipend is intended to make it easy for you and for the company to administer the benefits. Thus, we’ve made a “default” of the payment amount listed above, which can be increased upon request and showing appropriate receipts. To receive the default amount you don’t need to do anything; it will be included by default in your monthly paycheck.

If this does not cover your monthly expenses, you may opt to share the details of your expenses, and we will adjust your stipend accordingly. To do this, please share the following information with

  1. Your healthcare bill. We’ll calculate the stipend based on 100% for team members and 66% for dependents.
  2. Your internet bill
  3. Any other recurring expenses that are aligned with our policies.

We’ll recalculate and adjust your default monthly stipend accordingly.

For countries where health plans must be paid upfront for the year, we will pay 100% for team members and 66% for dependents upfront. The upfront amount paid will be deducted from the yearly total stipend amount. The remainder will be divided by 12 to calculate the monthly stipend amount. The new monthly stipend will be disbursed monthly.

For example: If insurance requires paying $1500 upfront for an individual, Synura will pay $1500 upfront (100% of $1500). The monthly stipend will be $3600 (yearly stipend) minus $1500 ( what Synura paid) divided by 12. In this example, it would be $175.

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