We're always making improvements to Synura, and this page is the best place to follow along with what's new.

Feb 6, 2023 - Inviting collaborators is now live! 🎉

Invite collaborators to your projects

It’s now possible to invite collaborators to work with you on video projects. If you invite someone who doesn’t have an account yet, they will receive an invitation in their email. You’ll also receive an email if you are ever added or removed from a group.

Note that for this first version it is only possible to invite people to your default group, which contains all your projects, and it is not possible yet to create new projects. These are features we want to add soon, but we’re looking for your feedback first on what you’d like to see next.

Minor features

  • As part of getting collaboration working, we made it possible to change your display name.
  • We fixed an issue where sometimes the resource center in the bottom right was not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue with the date picker where it was not possible to type in a date.

Jan 27, 2023 - New project preview image selector

It’s been a busy week over here at Synura. This time we’ve added the ability to choose which image from your assets you’d like to represent each project, and made a lot of performance improvements.

Apart from that, there are a couple of big things we’ve been working on that we’ll be sharing soon. First is the ability to invite collaborators, and the second is enabling automatic video processing features. Stay tuned for more details, and let us know if you have any feedback.

Choose project preview image

You can now select which asset within your project you’d like to represent the project as its title image, used at the top of the page and in the project index. This should make it easier to identify your projects at a glance when you’ve set up a lot of them.

Minor features

  • We have continued to make performance improvements throughout the app to make pages more responsive, now that the interface has stabilized a bit.
  • To make better use of space, project links have been moved to the sidebar.
  • When logging in, you can now choose a long or short session by ticking the “remember me” box if you’d like to remain logged in for a longer period.
  • The page showing your list of projects will now take advantage of more available space, when available, to make the project cards bigger and not leave any blank space along the edge.
  • We improved the task description and phase editor to make it a little easier to interact with.
  • Links will now use more of the available space to display their descriptions.

Jan 18, 2023 - Performance, design, and responsiveness improvements

Minor features

  • Mobile responsiveness and interaction improvements
  • Fixed an issue where errors on the project page would cause a looping error message
  • Uploaded assets now appear on project page without having to refresh
  • Performance improvements to assets and project pages
  • To make the interface clearer, project tasks are no longer shown on the asset page

Jan 11, 2023 - Tasks for phases, audio player, new login screen, and performace improvements

Tasks can now belong to phases

There are some tasks in a project that are associated with different phases. Some might be done in pre-production, post-production, or elsewhere. You can now optionally associated tasks with phases, and they will appear organized in this way. This should make it even easier to organize your projects.

Built-in audio player

When working with audio files, you can now preview them directly from within Synura without having to download them first.

Minor features

  • There was a bug where your download link could expire before you used it which has been fixed.
  • The new project form now has some additional fields that were previously only available when editing, so you can set your project up right from the start.
  • We made performance fixes in various places in the app to try to keep everything running smoothly as your projects are getting larger.
  • The location of the add file button has been made more intuitive
  • The login and registration page now has exciting starfield styling.
  • We did a pass of fixes to make sure that the app looks good on phones, targeting the iPhone SE as about the smallest phone we support.
  • Fixed a small bug where you could no longer add multiple tasks in series

Jan 4, 2023 - Onboarding and timecodes for video todos

Happy Wednesday! Today we have several changes we’re excited about, but perhaps the most interesting is a new onboarding experience to help orient yourself in the app.

Use timecodes in todos to jump to any point in the video

You can now enter a todo description (in the format hh:mm:ss) into a task for any video file and it will turn the timecode into a link to jump to that point in the player. This should make it much easier to describe what needs to be done in a todo.

Custom onboarding experience

Now, when you log into the app for the first time, you’ll be presented with a walkthrough that will help you orient yourself in the product. Once your workflow is done, we’ll keep an icon in the bottom right that you can open any time to re-run the walkthrough, find out how to contact us, and more.

We’ll also be surveying early access users after a day or two, and then check in every couple months to ask how things are going.

Minor features

  • We shipped a lot of small UX clean up improvements to make the app look better, especially when you have a lot of projects, assets, tasks, links, and so on.
  • We also had a focus on improving the performance of the app a bit. This will continue to be a focus over the next weeks.

Dec 30, 2022 - Set due dates for production phases

Track due dates for the phases of your projects

It’s important to keep track of not just of your delivery date, but also when you need to finish pre-production, production, and post. Now, you can easily track due dates for each production phase in the app.

Minor features

  • Checkbox styling has been updated
  • Various small UX improvements

Dec 26, 2022 - New and improved file upload experience

Improvements to how file uploads work

When you’re uploading a file, you can now see the progress of the upload, upload multiple files at once, and continue browsing in the app without interrupting the upload (as long as you don’t refresh the page.)

Minor features

  • The field for entering a new task description will now fill the full width of the sidebar.
  • It’s now possible to change your email address from the main menu. Note that unconfirmed users will not be able to change their email address.
  • We improved the message on the home page when the back-end is under maintenance or down, although hopefully you’ll never see it.

Dec 15, 2022 - Various UX improvements thanks to your feedback

Minor features

  • Entering a URL for a link required you to type in https:// before the site name. Now, if you enter a URL without it, it will do the right thing and add it for you.
  • When adding todos, you do not have to press the plus to add your last task. Just clicking on done will save the most recently entered one.
  • The sidebar is now larger on larger screens.

Dec 9, 2022 - Tasks for assets and external link tracking

Tasks for assets

You can now track to-do tasks on specific assets, in addition to tasks for the whole project. This will ensure the context is more clear for tasks you create.

Keep track of external links

It’s important to keep track of external links related to your project, and you can now do that all in one place.

Minor features

  • Projects will now show the preview image of the oldest file in the project instead of a generic image. In the future, we’ll make this customizable.
  • You no longer have to enter the date and time for your go-live by hand, thanks to our fancy new date picker.
  • Download links will no longer expire in the background.
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.

Dec 2, 2022 - Extended project descriptions and other improvements

There were only a couple of days between our early access launch and the end of the iteration, so there are just a few updates this time. Thanks to everyone who came to our Discord and shared your feedback!

Extended project descriptions

You can now set a much longer project description. This allows you to use it as a place to store notes or other project details.

Minor features

  • The task interface has been reworked to be more natural to use and with improved design. Task titles can now also be edited.
  • Various other small UI enhancements and bug fixes

Nov 29, 2022 - Early access launch: Projects, Tasks, and Files

Synura is here to help you tell your story with video!

In talking to many of you, we have heard that one of the hardest things when getting started with a new video channel is simply organizing your plans and projects. That’s why, for our early access launch, we focused on providing the structure you need to create a plan for your channel and deliver on it. You can already:

  • Create a separate project workspace for all your upcoming videos
  • Upload versioned assets (and not just videos) into each of them
  • Create tasks in each project so you don’t lose track of what needs to be done

To sign up for early access, visit


Projects help you organize the videos you’re working on. You can create a separate project workspace for each video, and each project keeps track of which phase of the production process you’re in. You can use the description field to keep track of any important metadata like due dates, goals, and so on.


Any video project is going to have a collection of to-dos that need to be done. Especially when you’re working on a few videos at once, it can be easy to lose track. Synura helps by including a list of tasks, which can be checked off as they are completed, in every project.

File Uploads

One of the most important parts of organizing your video projects is just getting everything into one place, and Synura can help you with that. You can upload and track versions of any file, not just videos.

Minor features

  • Collaboration (inviting others to your project) and AI-powered editing will be added in a future release. We want to be sure that we get the “single player” experience right before adding that level of complexity to the product, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear what you’d like that to look like. You can contact us at

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