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November update - early access with projects, tasks, and file uploads

Jason Yavorska image By Jason Yavorska, Founder/CEO | November 29, 2022 | 3 min read

It’s time again for another progress update! As with every pre-launch update, our goals were around wrapping up our early access features and growing our user community:

  1. Complete early access launch
  2. Increase early access signups by 20% every two weeks

This month: early access with projects, tasks, and file uploads

We’re very excited to share that we’ve completed goal one and launched early access. Our new changelog goes into detail on the user-facing features that were included (projects, tasks, and file uploads), and you can sign up here. We’re very hopeful that even this relatively minimal feature set solves real, immediate problems for creators who are trying to tell their stories with video.

In addition to finishing our list of todos for early access, in the two iterations that ended this month (Nov 4 and Nov 18) we also increased early access signups from 314 to 380. Although this was less than our 20% goal for growth in each of the iterations (12.7% and 7.3%, respectively), this was primarily due to the full-team focus on completing remaining features for early access rather than outreach.

Visitor and signups graph

Lessons from this month

The biggest thing was that the long tail of little things to finish up for something like an early access launch is real and shouldn’t be underestimated. It took a ton of team focus and collaboration to organize the remaining issues and get them done. In doing so we improved how we collaborate, but it meant that it was hard to get everything done.

Next month: gathering feedback and creating content

Going forward, apart from conversations with users who are signing up for early access, the attention returns to content to convince people to try Synura. To achieve this, in December we’re making a push in these areas:

  • Personal outreach to existing early access signup members and LinkedIn leads.
  • Producing a new teaser video we can use with a Reddit advertising campaign.
  • Partnering with a content writer to refine our content strategy, some of which will be written in-house and some in partnership with the writer.
  • Starting community building via our Discord server - all early access members will be invited, and it will serve as one of the official support and feedback channels. Join us there via this invite link.

Starting with December progress updates, instead of early access signups, we will begin tracking total early access registrations (i.e., actual users on the platform) and monthly active users.

If you have any thoughts on this update, where we should head next, or if you’d like to chat about anything Synura related you can always reach me at

Photo by Jacek Dylag.

Synura is available in early access now!

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