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October update - design system, video processing improvements, and hiring

Jason Yavorska image By Jason Yavorska, Founder/CEO | October 21, 2022 | 4 min read

It’s time again for another Synura progress update. As with every pre-launch update, our goals were around wrapping up our launch features and growing our user community:

  1. Deliver 1.0 milestone
  2. Increase early access signups by 20% every two weeks

This month: design system, video processing improvements, and hiring

We’ve improved our rate of delivery for MVP launch features in a few ways. First, we welcomed a new team member who is an expert on video processing and will help us build features like automatic transcription, “umms”/background noise removal, and more.

We are also wrapping up our 1.0 design system which will inform our product look and feel going forward. As a company that helps non-experts make videos, user experience is especially important and this was a critical step in accelerating front-end development.

Although we haven’t completed the full milestone yet, we have now finished several key features:

  1. User account creation and email validation
  2. New project creation/deletion
  3. Uploading video files to projects
  4. Video processing backend (we used transcription as the proof of concept)
  5. Administration interface

Across the two iterations that ended this month, we also increased early access signups from 254 to 314. This missed our goal of 20% (we hit 10.2% and 12.1%, respectively). This was primarily due to less focus on content marketing as we needed to temporarily turn our attention to hiring. We made two offers, both accepted, and one person has now already started. The other will start on Nov 1. We also opened two additional positions (Product Designer and Rails Developer) which are still in the interview process.

Visitor and signups graph

Lessons from this month

There’s a lot to do at a startup, and you have to keep moving on all fronts simultaneously to keep the ball rolling. If you let yourself get too distracted by one dimension, other areas will not move forward as much as you wanted. Hiring is something we’ll keep a closer eye on going forward, not necessarily to aggressively grow headcount but to make sure we have a team big enough to handle the work that’s needed.

Next month: MVP product launch!

We expect to launch the MVP product in the next month since we’re already close. The remaining elements are:

  1. Wrap up various basic user features (reset password, email validation)
  2. Additional file operations (delete, rename)
  3. Wire in frontend to video processing (“generate captions” button)

From there we can let users on the platform to organize and add files into their video projects. We’ll also look to add more project and asset metadata (due date, stage), templates, learning resources, more of the basic features you see in the mockups, and finally the ability to invite other users to collaborate.

Come find us at Web Summit

We’ll also be attending Web Summit at the beginning of November, and Slush in the middle of the month. If you’ll be at either event please reach out and say hello, we’d love to talk to you about the product.

More content is on the way

Finally, we are resuming our push on content marketing to re-accelerate new user signups and visitors and get back to hitting our 20% growth goal. We’re doing this by working with a writer and video producer to help us generate even better-performing content that can help us drive people to learn more about Synura and sign up.

If you have any thoughts on this update, where we should head next, or if you’d like to chat about anything Synura related you can always reach me at

Photo by Zhang Kaiyv.

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