Video made easy

Clear production workflows with automatic edits

Bring ideas, projects, and collaborators together into one industry standard, clear production process.

Save time with automatic captioning, thumbnails, intros, lighting/color/audio correction, and more.

What is Synura?

What is Synura?

Synura will be launching early access in 2H 2022

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What are the benefits?

Bring intention to your flow

Start a project with an included or custom template, and Synura will make the phases and due dates clear for everyone. Automatic notifications mean you don't have to spend time following up, and the built-in project structure ensures you don't lose track of assets.

Orient around results

The first thing you do in a new project in Synura is set a goal and target audience for your video. This helps your team stay aligned, all the way from ideation to validating the outcomes. Every project ends with a retrospective to ensure you're learning over time.

Focus on your content

You are passionate about your content, not running a bunch of arcane filters or routine edits on your videos. Let us handle that for you with our AI-powered processing engine that will make sure your videos look their very best.

We listen to our users

Our source code, strategy, employee handbook, and roadmap are all publicly available. Everyone is invited to take part in discussing what problems we'll solve next and how we'll solve them. We're also diamond-tier sponsors of OBS Studio®️.

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