Create with clarity

Synura can help you make better videos and streams with a more fun, creative, and collaborative production process.

Visualized workflows

Keeping everyone on the same page as you move through production is hard. Make each step clear with our easy to use collaboration and review features.

Batteries included

Best-practices, templates, and creative resources are built-in to support you at every step, whether or not you have production experts on your team.

Cloud connected

Store your assets in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, and take advantage of automatic post-processing to eliminate drudgery.

Built together

Our code, strategy, and roadmap are all publicly accessible, and we're diamond-tier supporters of OBS Studio®️, our premier recording app integration.

See the big picture

Synura makes it easy to see all your video projects, which phases they are in, and shows all the relevant status information for each.

Organize your projects

Every project has an easy-to-use summary page where you can see what's going on, with all the important files front and center.

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